Points to Consider

Burial or Cremation

Usually this decision is already made. If not please speak openly with the Funeral Director. Whichever you choose here are some points to consider.

Burial: New grave? Family grave? Which Cemetery? Where will the service be held?

Cremation: Which Crematorium? What Music will be played? Will the Curtains remain open or will they close at the end? What will happen with the Cremated Remains?


Will the funeral cortege take a particular route to the place of service? Will you wish to pass a specific area or address?

Funeral Director proceeds in front of chosen Funeral Vehicle


Who will carry the coffin? Family, friends or the Funeral Directors? Not everyone who plans to act as a bearer will be able to ‘on the day’.


Will you allow the presence of children? Having Children at the Funeral is something to which you should give serious thought.


Who will give a Eulogy? What will be said? Sometimes simple sentences capture the person. Others prefer to highlight their life in full.


What options are available? What materials, shapes and colours are allowed? Although the Funeral Director can help, a Mason is best suited to give advice.


Where can you find support? What will it be like? Not everyone needs Counselling, but we all benefit by talking to someone.

Service Sheets

What styles are available? How will it be designed? A Service Sheet can also be used as keep sake for Family and Friends.


Will the Services be recorded? Some Crematoria can either record the Service or have a real time Web link. This has been useful to Family living abroad. The Funeral can also be captured in video or photograph. Some have found comfort in having the event recorded.

Special requests

Other ways to specialise the day are by having one of the following:-

  • Horse Drawn Hearse
  • Motor bike Hearse
  • Pink Hearse
  • Dove or Balloon release

Just speak with your Funeral Director regarding any of these suggestions.
The main purpose for choosing something special is so that all present at the service can leave feeling comforted that a personal touch has been applied for the loved-one.