Newspaper Notices

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You may require an announcement in a Newspaper, or you may not. Whichever you choose, speak with your Funeral Director regarding the style of the announcement. Some Newspapers use Panel’s or boxes, others use lineage and some can have a mixture of both. Coloured photographs or pictures can be included with the advertisement.


Obituary. These are used to notify the reader of the death. Different Newspapers have different ‘House styles’ regarding wording. There  is also the need to consider the frequency of the edition and it circulation. Some papers are nightly, others bi-weekly and some are just weekly. Your Funeral Director will be able to give advice on any wordings required, but be aware that the final decision will rest with the proof reader at the print department. Look at current Obituaries for ideas or inspiration.


Acknowledgement. These tend to be placed after a Funeral Service has been held. Its purpose is to thank all who have assisted you before, during and after the Funeral. There is no time limit on an insertion for one of these, but a general rule is, a week after the Funeral. Again the Funeral Director can help you with the wording.


Memorial. This type of announcement usually is placed annually, as a remembrance of your loved one, and is inserted on the date of death.