Choosing the coffin can be extremely difficult, especially with the variety that is available. The best way to choose is by considering the personality of your loved one. For instance, if they were ‘down to earth’ then a simple coffin will be sufficient. If they ‘liked things just so’, then choose something superior. If they loved wildlife, then choose a Coffin that is environmentally friendly.


Coffins can come in a variety of shapes, colours and materials to suit all wishes and also budgets.


Foil Coffins. Chip board with a Foil covering.

Veneer Coffins/Caskets. Chip board or MDF with a Wood veneer (oak, mahogany, etc.)

Solid Wood Coffins/Caskets. Timber, Paulownia, Oak, Mahogany, etc.

Wicker Style Coffins/Caskets. See Daisy Coffins.

Card board Coffins/Caskets. See Colourful Coffins

Woollen Coffins. See J C Atkinson

            Urns and Ashes Caskets. Wood, Glass, Metal, Stone, Card, etc.


I feel it inappropriate to display Coffins on this page as my purpose is to give choice and impart knowledge; therefore I have included a few links to Coffins suppliers for those who wish to see what options are available.