Flowers and Donations

During the interview for Funeral arrangements, you will be asked as to whether it is appropriate to send flowers or make a donation. Again this decision is very personal; factors surrounding the death may influence your decision. These factors may include whether flowers were loved or loathed or whether flowers were appreciated in their natural state (growing) or in a vases. The same principles can be applied regarding Donations. For instance, is there a particular charity that has been supported throughout their life (N.S.P.C.C., R.N.L.I.)? Do you make Donations to a charity with a cause of death in mind (Cancer Research)? Or will you support a local cause? Either way, the essence of the gift, whether a floral tribute or a donation, is what truly matters. Whatever it perhaps is, it shows loving concern on the part of the giver.

Here are some examples of obituary wording that will help to differentiate whether Flowers are allowed or Donations preferred.

                  No flowers by request, donations preferred……….

                  Family flowers only please, donations preferred………

                  All flowers appreciated, donations preferred……..

The purpose of this is to reveal what your request is. Flowers can be arranged by the Funeral Director. Just choose from the illustration they will provide.

Donations can be collected and forwarded by the Funeral Director. My personal preference  is that if cash is collected, it is immediately given to the client and a cheque forwarded at a later stage.

Just seek the advice of your Funeral Director.