Funeral Arrangements

When making arrangements for a funeral the following procedure usually takes place. There will firstly be an interview with the recording of details relevant for the required documentation. Then a discussion will take place to ascertain specific requests regarding the funeral proceeding. For instance, is the funeral a Burial or Cremation? When a Cremation is requested several other questions may ensue (please see the page Points to Consider). Where will the Service be held? What type of Minister is required, and what Hymns or Music will be used?

female funeral director walks in front of the hearse

Other aspects to give thought to are where is the Cortege to travel from, what route to take, and what Vehicles will be needed? You can also plan as to where you will be returned to after the funeral and advice can be given on venues for the Reception.

You will be asked as to whether an announcement will be needed in a Newspaper. Along with this you may mention whether Flowers are acceptable or Donations preferred. An Order of Service may suit your needs and can be arranged.

Toward the end of the interview a decision will have to be made on the following: what Coffin will be needed, what clothing will be used and will the Coffin remain open, allowing relatives and friends to pay their respects?

Questions will also centre on personal effects like Jewellery, photographs or other items of importance.