Funeral Services

Any funeral, whether for the closest loved one or a distant relative, can be an extremely emotional time. Making plans and carrying out the requests and wishes of the deceased can therefore be challenging to say the least. Some of these plans will be specifically yours or they can be influenced by relatives, friends, religion or culture. No matter what the rite of passage is, the funeral director is there to ensure all arrangements are made and carried out correctly.

What is a Funeral Director?

Funeral Director helping family making funeral arrangements

Simply put, a funeral director is someone who directs funeral proceedings.

This is done in the first instance by giving sound impartial advice on all aspects relating to a funeral.

How is this achieved? By asking a number of questions, carefully listening to the replies and then giving guidance and direction on choice and procedure. All requests will then be acted on, culminating with the Funeral Service on the day of the Funeral.

No two funerals are the same. That is where we can assist you to personalize that final journey. Whether it will be a dignified solemn occasion or a thanksgiving life celebration, our aim is to support and guide you into making the right decisions regarding a Funeral Service.

Within this site

As you may have noticed there are several pages within this site. Please take the time to explore and take notes. In the section Funeral Arrangements, our aim is to provide information that is supportive and helpful. We have also provided the section entitled Points to Consider, designed to make you aware of choices you may not have realised are available. The section title Important Contacts gives the address and numbers of contacts that you may need. Also a list of Support Organisations have been added, that you may find useful.

Alternatively you can speak with us directly on 0161 626 9756. We provide a twenty four hour service offering professional and personal support when most needed.

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